Equestrian Issues

Texans are known for their horses. Although horse-back riding may offer many benefits, it’s also incredibly dangerous. Horse-back riders experience a fatality rate of 128 per 100,000. Boxers, on the other hand, only experience 1.3 deaths per 100,000 participants.

One contributing factor to the danger of horse-back riding is the animal’s tendency to react with fight-or-flight. Horses are natural prey, and must constantly be on the lookout for danger in the wild. Add this to the fact that they’re commonly about 1,000 pounds with long, muscular legs used to kick predators, and you have a perilous combination.

Having said this, handling horses is usually a fairly nonthreatening experience. If a rider pulls back on the reins, the horse slows. If he or she tugs to the right, the horse walks that direction. The vast majority of horse riding fatalities are, in fact, freak accidents—like a gunshot in the distance scaring a normally calm horse, causing it to kick violently, accidentally crushing a groomer’s head. A running horse may trip over boggy ground and roll over, squishing its rider. When riding on the side of the road, a horse could see a snake or simply hear a new sound, and dart into traffic, wild with panic.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured by a horse in Texas, and are unable to work for over 12 months, you may be able to obtain Supplemental Social Security Income benefits. This supplement may help keep you and your family financially stable while the disabled person is unable to work. It’s advisable to seek legal representation before filing a Social Security claim—the process may be long and complicated.

Common Signs Of Distracted Driving

In order to safely operate a motor vehicle, drivers need to be aware of their surroundings and completely focused on the road at all times. Because of the potential for an accident, even a momentary lapse of focus or concentration can put even the safest driver in danger of an accident and injury. Driving while distracted is one of the most common causes of automobile accidents every year in the United States and the threat doesnt seem to be going away anytime soon. In fact, as technology continues to advance, there are actually more distractions than ever.

One common distraction that has received a large amount of attention in recent years is cell phones and other mobile devices people carry and use wherever they go. Many people use their cell phones to talk, text, or even surf the Internet while driving.

Dangers of Distracted Driving

Recent statistics report that close to 20 percent of all accidents are caused by distracted drivers. If you are on the road, it is important that you are aware of other people’s actions on the road so you can avoid a potential accident. Some common signs of distracted driving include the following:

  • Driving slower than the speed limit
  • Accelerating or braking constantly and erratically
  • Swerving across lanes
  • Not obeying traffic laws or signs

By noticing the above signs of distracted driving, you may be able to avoid an accident by staying away from that driver. Unfortunately, this isnt always the case and even the safest driver could be injured in a car accident caused by distracted driving.

You need financial compensation during this trying time to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages. Let a car accident attorney help you every step of the way in your case so you aren’t stuck paying for these damages out of your own pocket.