Factors Of Child Custody Agreements

Child custody is one of the most contested issues in divorces in America. Each parent likely cares deeply about any child involved in a divorce, and may want to settle custody issues with legal representatives involved. In many cases, joint custody is awarded, in which both parents retain custody of their children, but one will be the primary custodial parent and the other will be the secondary. This means that the child will reside primarily with the primary parents and in shorter periods with the secondary parent.

In addition to determining joint or sole custody, however, there are other factors of child custody agreements that must be worked out for divorce negotiations to be finalized. In many cases, spouses will have to discuss and agree upon a settlement addressing:

* Sole custody v. Joint custody
* Physical custody v. Legal custody
* Visitation Rights
* Child Support Payments

These issues can arise time and again during divorce negotiations, and many spouses find it very difficult to agree upon a course of action. In a lot of cases, one spouse feels that he or she should have sole custody over a child or children because he or she thinks that their spouse is not fit to have custody. However, the other spouse might argue the same problem about that spouse. Its easy to see how custody disagreements can be extremely complex, and much of it depends on the willingness to agree on the parts of each spouse.

Child custody agreements are only one part of divorce negotiations when there are children involved, and this process can be taxing and disruptive. If you want to make sure that your needs are being met and that your cares are being fairly represented legally, legal intervention might be necessary. If you are going through a divorce involving child custody, contact an experienced Monmouth County divorce attorney today to discuss your case.

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