Forms Of Work-Related Discrimination

No person should have to feel like he or she is being discriminated against while at work, but sometimes people are subjected to such mistreatment regardless of the illegality. There are many different forms of discrimination, but each of them can be both emotionally damaging and is not conducive to a healthy work environment. Depending on the severity of the discrimination that a person suffers at work, he or she could suffer from emotional instability, physical discomfort, or financial loss, all of which can have an incredibly negative impact on a person’s life and general well-being.

Being able to identify the different forms of work-related discrimination is an important part to putting a stop to such behavior. If a person feels that he or she is being treated unfairly for something that is protected under the Civil Rights Act or other federal laws, that person may be able to put an end to the discrimination.

Common Forms of Discrimination

While discrimination can come in a variety of forms, there are certain types which are prohibited under any circumstances. For instance, according to federal law, a person cannot be discriminated against, which includes hiring practices, promotions, pay, and other job-related advantages, for the following:

* National origin
* Age
* Race
* Gender
* Pregnancy
* Disability

These are some of the most common forms of discrimination, but one other form is also seen a lot in workplace discrimination incidents. According to the website of John Melton Law Firm, this form is called retaliatory discrimination, in which a coworker or employer takes revenge on an employee for some action the employee committed, and that revenge is discriminatory in nature.

Whatever form of discrimination you are suffering from at the workplace, you shouldnt have to face this situation alone. Contact an experienced Austin employment attorney today to discuss how you may be able to legally combat the negative effects of discrimination.

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