Lane-splitting And Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcyclists need to carefully follow the same traffic safety laws other motorists must obey and avoid unnecessary risks or dangers just to move more quickly through traffic. In particular, motorcyclists should stay within traffic lanes. If a motorcyclist violates lane boundaries by engaging in lane-splitting, or riding in between lanes of traffic to move through gridlock faster, they may cause a collision with a motorist. If this collision causes an injury to that motorist, the motorcyclist’s dangerous actions may be grounds for a compensation lawsuit by the injured driver.

The Dangers of Lane-splitting

Many accidents between cars and motorcycles result because a driver doesn’t clearly see a motorcyclist before turning or changing lanes, or fails to share the road with a motorcyclist. In these collisions, the driver is often held responsible for the motorcyclist’s injuries. However, it’s unreasonably difficult for a driver to see a motorcyclist lane-splitting in many cases. Moving quickly through traffic down an area that is technically not a lane of traffic, these riders may put themselves and others at great risk for a collision.

Factors in Lane-splitting Accidents

Depending on the factors at play in the accident, it may be more common for a motorcyclist to be held negligent for causing an accident while lane-splitting. Specifically, riders attempting this maneuver through fast-moving traffic, not vehicles stuck in gridlock, may be held responsible if anything goes wrong. Riders also shouldn’t ever lane-split if the weather could compromise their control over their motorcycles. One of the other major factors is experience on a motorcycle. Novice riders attempting to lane-split may be considered reckless riders in case of an accident.

Contact a Legal Advisor

If you’ve sustained an injury in a collision with a dangerous motorcyclist, you may be eligible to pursue financial compensation for your injuries. To learn more about your legal options after an accident, contact a Waukesha car accident lawyer today.

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