What To Do After A Bicycle Accident

Bicycles can be an efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation, but they can also be dangerous, especially when riding on public roads next to automobiles. Recent statistics reported that bicycle accidents caused 51,000 injuries and an additional 630 fatalities across the United States in 2009. Of these fatalities, 70 percent of them were caused by head injuries. Anytime a bicyclist comes in contact with a car, SUV, or truck, the consequences can be devastating.

The aftermath of a bicycle accident can be incredibly stressful and chaotic, increasing the risk of you making a devastating mistake that could compromise the amount of compensation you may recover from your insurance company or in a personal injury claim. If you are injured in a bicycle accident, make sure you receive appropriate medical care right away before dealing with insurance companies to ensure you are safe.

Reacting to a Bicycle Accident
If your injuries are not catastrophic and life-threatening, your first priority should be doing everything possible to assist with your insurance claim or lawsuit. After an accident, make sure to follow these steps:

* Do not walk away from an accident scene with just a phone number. Wait for the police to show up.
* Make sure you talk with the police and give them your story of the accident
* Do not leave the accident scene without contact information from the at-fault driver. This includes his or her auto insurance information, license plate number, and other contact information.
* Document as much as you can about the accident in written word and pictures

After speaking with your insurance company, you should then seek the help a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney so you can take legal action against the reckless driver. For more information about your legal options, contact a Racine car accident attorney today and get started on your case.

Product Defects

Most of the products that we buy and use are heavily tested and determined to be safe for use in the general public. In some instances, however, a product, whether through lack of appropriate scrutiny before its release or simply as a result of an error in the production process, can pose significant risks to the health and safety of all those who use it. Known as product defects, these problems can have a substantial impact on an individuals life.

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes. However, no matter whether it is a dangerous pharmaceutical products to vehicles whose safety equipment has been poorly designed, defective products pose substantial problems for those who use them. In many cases, they can result in serious injuries or illnesses, potentially requiring costly medical care and leaving the individual unable to support themselves financially. In these situations, compensation for the damages caused by the defective product may be available.

Types of Product Defects
Product defects can be classed into three basic categories, although the range of different defects which may occur is extremely wide. The following is a basic explanation of the different types of product defects:

* Design defects these occur when the underlying design of a product is inherently dangerous
* Manufacturing defects these occur when the production of a product renders it dangerous
* Marketing defects these occur when the advertising or labeling of a product fails to warn consumers of known dangers associated with the product

Any of these types of product defects have the potential to result in serious injuries for those who use defective products. Fortunately, defective product injury victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their damages. Contact a personal injury attorney to speak with a qualified legal professional about how you can get the justice you may deserve.

Basics Of Business Formation

The decision to form a new business can be exciting and stimulating. You might have dozens of fresh ideas for how to structure your business, including plans for contracts, future goals, and implementation practices. According to the website of the Cedar Rapids business attorneys of Arenson Law Group, PC, one further aspect of business formation to consider is its legal aspect; forming a business requires specific legal documents and contracts, which can be equally overwhelming both to people who are beginning to think about forming a business and to those that are already in the process of. Understanding the basics of business formation can prepare a budding entrepreneur for the business world and can guard against a critical error that might lead to a problem in the business in the near or distant future.

The foundation of your business is the most important part, and any mistake in business formation could cause financial problems for you in the future. You’ll want to construct a business plan that incorporates not only your current vision for your business, but that also accounts for potential profits, losses, merges, contract changes, and many other factors. If you’re not prepared for major changes that may occur, they can easily take you by surprise and tear your business apart.

Types of Businesses

All businesses are of one type or another. Some of the most commonly formed businesses in the United States include:

  • LLCs
  • LLPs
  • S-Corporations
  • C-Corporations
  • Limited Partnerships

Whatever type of business you decide to form, its important that all of your initial paperwork be filled out correctly and completely, accounting for any changes that might be made in the future. These changes might be as simple as hiring practices, or as complex as the methods used to merge with another company or partner.

If you or someone that you know is considering forming a business, its important to know that legal assistance can be especially beneficial during this process. Contact a qualified business lawyer today to discuss your business plan, and how to make your vision a reality.

The Groundwork For Every Personal Injury Case

Before a plaintiff can begin pursuing financial compensation by filing a personal injury claim, he or she must first demonstrate a few facts about his or her case. Suffering an injury because of someone elses negligent actions can be devastating to your life and may leave you with physical, emotional, and financial damages. You need financial compensation to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages; however, before you can take action, you must first prove the elements of a tort exist.

You shouldn’t let these reckless individuals get away with these actions. By filing a personal injury claim, you can hold the responsible party liable for your injuries and damages. By filing a civil lawsuit, you can take the first step toward recovering compensation so you aren’t stuck paying for damages out of your own pocket.

Before You Have a Case

Every case is unique based on the severity of the injuries and how they were sustained. However, there are some elements that have to present in every personal injury claim. These elements include the following:

  • The defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care. This means the person being sued had to have some level of duty expected for them before the plaintiff can take legal action.
  • The defendant not only had a duty of care, but acted in a way to breach that duty. In a product liability case, a company has the duty of producing safe products and if they produce a product that causes harm, they are then breaching that duty.
  • The plaintiff suffered an injury. This can vary in type and severity.
  • The plaintiffs injury can be directly related to the defendants actions or failure to act. If your child chokes on small parts of a toy and the toy company did not provide a warning, you have a case.

For more information about the elements of a tort and how you can recover financial compensation in your case, contact a personal injury attorney today.

Surgical Errors

There are many different types of medical malpractice that can happen in a hospital or physician’s office. If a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional is not careful, mistakes can be made anywhere from the patient’s initial appointment all the way to the final step in their treatment. One of the most dangerous types of medical malpractice is surgical error. Preparing for and performing surgery takes the utmost care and attentiveness from everyone involved. However, a mistake on the part of a surgeon or assistant does not necessarily mean they are guilty of medical malpractice. It is when the medical professionals in attendance fail to live up to a set of professional standards which are expected from others in their profession that medical malpractice can be said to have occurred.

Common Surgical Errors

Surgical errors can be devastating to patients. Negligence on the part of the surgeon or their assistants can quickly result in a permanent injury or damage done to the person’s body and physical abilities. Some of the most common surgical errors include:

  • Tools or sponges left behind in the body
  • Surgery on the wrong body part
  • The wrong type of surgery performed
  • Too little or too much anesthesia used
  • Mixing up surgical procedures of patients
  • Puncturing of an organ

Unfortunately, surgical errors are all too frequent in hospitals across the United States. According to professor Martin Makary, M.D., of Johns Hopkins University, although surgical errors are less frequent than most other types of medical malpractice, they occur much more often than most people think. In a recent study, in the state of Colorado alone there have been 132 serious surgical errors made over the last 6 and a half years.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of a surgical error, you could be entitled to financial compensation. Don’t wait to contact an experienced West Palm Beach¬†personal injury lawyer today.

Categorizing Different Product Defects

One of the most common personal injury lawsuits filed in the United States every year is a defective product case. In fact, an estimated seven percent of all personal injury lawsuits are product liability cases. From automobile defects to childrens toys, defective products can be very dangerous and may put you at risk of a serious injury. Statistics from the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission report that roughly three million Americans are injured and an additional 20,000 are killed every year as a result of a defective product. And while consumers want to be able to trust designers and manufacturers to make quality products, defective products still reach American shelves all over the country. Any product could potentially cause harm, but some of the most common include automobiles and children’s toys. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, you may want to consider filing a lawsuit to pursue financial compensation.

Different Types of Product Defects

There are generally three types of product liability cases. The different categories include the following:

  • Defective design – There is a problem with the actual design of the product. This means that no matter how well the product is manufactured, there will still be a defective. It also means the defect will be in every single product, not just one.
  • Manufacturing defects – Mistake or problem when the product is built or assembled.
  • Not providing proper warning – This involves the marketing and packaging aspects of a product. This can include actions such as incorrect labeling, lack of warning signs, or wrong instructions.

On average, product liability lawsuits have the second highest payout amount with 300,000. Product defect injuries can be very devastating to your life and may cost thousands of dollars so take action today.

Recognizing Forms Of Trucking Company Negligence

Accidents involving large trucks, also known as 18-wheeler trucks, occur every day, and many people are inclined to blame the truck driver for these accidents. While some truck accidents do, indeed, occur because of truck driver negligence or recklessness, many accidents might actually be the result of a trucking company’s negligence. Like any employer, a trucking company manager has the responsibility to his or her employees to not be negligent in his or her duties.

While a person’s initial reaction might be to blame a truck driver for causing an accident, the blame might actually lie with the driver’s company. Depending on the accident, certain actions that a trucking company took or failed to take might be the actual cause of the accident, putting the trucking company at fault.

Forms to Recognize

There are several ways that a trucking company might be found negligent for causing an accident. These forms of negligence might include certain actions as the following:

1. Hiring unqualified employees
2. Violating hours of service regulations
3. Failing to maintain and keep safe vehicles operated by drivers
4. Failing to properly train employees

Each one of these acts could cause a trucking company to be found to blame for an accident, as they are blatant acts of negligence. Because these negligent acts put other drivers, in addition to the driver of the truck, in danger, personal injury law allows victims of such accidents to seek legal action against the trucking company and possibly obtain financial compensation from them. These laws help injured parties financially recover from the injuries they’ve sustained.

If you or someone that you love has been involved in an accident with a truck driver, you may actually be entitled to financial compensation to help you cover any costs of medical treatment or other expenses that you incur. You may be able to get in touch with a qualified personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

Understanding Product Liability

America is one of the largest producers of goods and products in the world, with billions of consumer goods released for purchase and use every year across the country. Because so many people rely on these products for a number of reasons, those in charge of their safe design, construction, and distribution have an enormous responsibility to consumers to ensure that their products are safe to use. Sadly, product liability cases often arise because manufacturers, designers, packagers, or distributors of products do not fulfill their duties and allow unsafe products to reach shelves. If a consumer uses an unsafe product, the potential for suffering physical injury is great. But he or she might also be eligible for a product liability lawsuit if this happens.

Product liability law simply refers to the branch of law that deals with unsafe products and their effects on consumers. When a consumer is injured or becomes ill because of an unsafe product, he or she often has the option to file a product liability lawsuit, seeking financial compensation from those responsible for an injury or illness.

4 Industries where Unsafe Products Are Commonly Found

According to the website of Williams Kherkher Law Firm, every product has the potential to become unsafe, but some industries report more product liability claims than others. Such industries include:

  • Childcare Products and Toys
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Machinery
  • Food Containers and Storage

Unfortunately, far too many Americans suffer serious health complications due to unsafe or defective products released from these and other industries each year. These victims of defective products may be able to pursue legal action against the negligent manufacturer, designer, or other responsible party to help them recover from the effects of using such a product. If you or someone that you love has been injured by an unsafe product, you could be due financial compensation. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today to better understand your legal options.

Jobs Often Associated With Workers Developing Mesothelioma

Unfortunately, mesothelioma, a dangerous form of cancer, has been seen in a number of patients seeking medical care. The signs of mesothelioma often don’t appear until decades after the initial process has begun, so this serious condition may threaten someone’s life before he or she even knows that something has gone wrong. Sadly, this is the plight of far too many people who have worked in occupations that involved contact with asbestos. While asbestos was banned in the United States in 1980, it was still found in many different substances after that time, and if a person came into contact with broken asbestos fibers, he or she could be at a risk for developing mesothelioma.

Asbestos is not actually dangerous in its complete form, but when its fibers are broken and released, they can easily be inhaled, which could cause them to attach themselves to a person’s lungs. Over time, the fibers irritate the lungs, and the body naturally creates tumors to fight off the irritation. It is these tumors that often eventually become mesothelioma tumors. While anyone could be at risk for mesothelioma if he or she came into contact with asbestos, some workers who are employed in certain fields are more at risk of developing this disease.

At-Risk Occupations

Several occupations utilize asbestos extremely regularly because it is a very strong and fire-resistant substance. Some of the at-risk occupations for the development of mesothelioma include:

Metal workers
Construction / demolition

These occupations tend to place workers more at risk for developing mesothelioma. This condition is extremely serious and can create huge financial debt, but many people have legal options for obtaining compensation.

If you or someone you know has developed mesothelioma and would like to explore legal options, contact a mesothelioma lawyer today to discuss your position and to decide what the next best step is for you and your family.

Costs Of An Injury

Physical injuries happen every day, probably even every minute. These injuries vary in severity, of course, but of those that involve serious medical attention, the worst injuries are often extremely expensive. With injuries that demand immediate or continuing medical attention, the costs of an injury can certainly be more than just physical. Many people only think of the physical damages caused by an injury, such as not being able to work, drive, play sports, or do other activities. However, the financial damages caused by an accident can be just as disruptive for a person’s daily routine.

Medical treatment, because it requires advanced knowledge and expertise, often requires hefty financial commitment to injured persons. Many people simply do not have the funds to pay for this kind of treatment. So, in addition to combating the effects of a physical injury on physical movement, injured persons also have to consider the effects of financial burdens caused by treating an injury.

Costs to Expect

Every injury is different, but many require similar treatment and create similar costs for injured people. Some of the costs that an injured person might expect to pay include:

EMS transport
Emergency room services
Use of medical equipment
Hospital stays of length
Surgical costs
Physical therapy
Emotional therapy
Caretaker costs

Not everyone will have to deal with all of these costs, but the above list encompasses some of the most common costs that people see after a serious injury. Of course, depending on the injury itself, a person may not have the same costs as someone else, but almost all injuries involve some kind of financial commitment to receive medical attention.

If you or someone that you care about has been injured by another person’s actions, if they were negligent or reckless, you could be due financial compensation, to help you pay for any costs you incur. Contact an experienced personal injury attorney today to see what your legal options are.