Product Defects

Most of the products that we buy and use are heavily tested and determined to be safe for use in the general public. In some instances, however, a product, whether through lack of appropriate scrutiny before its release or simply as a result of an error in the production process, can pose significant risks to the health and safety of all those who use it. Known as product defects, these problems can have a substantial impact on an individuals life.

Defective products come in all shapes and sizes. However, no matter whether it is a dangerous pharmaceutical products to vehicles whose safety equipment has been poorly designed, defective products pose substantial problems for those who use them. In many cases, they can result in serious injuries or illnesses, potentially requiring costly medical care and leaving the individual unable to support themselves financially. In these situations, compensation for the damages caused by the defective product may be available.

Types of Product Defects
Product defects can be classed into three basic categories, although the range of different defects which may occur is extremely wide. The following is a basic explanation of the different types of product defects:

* Design defects these occur when the underlying design of a product is inherently dangerous
* Manufacturing defects these occur when the production of a product renders it dangerous
* Marketing defects these occur when the advertising or labeling of a product fails to warn consumers of known dangers associated with the product

Any of these types of product defects have the potential to result in serious injuries for those who use defective products. Fortunately, defective product injury victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their damages. Contact a personal injury attorney to speak with a qualified legal professional about how you can get the justice you may deserve.

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