Reasons Why Cyber Laws Are Introduced In The Market

The internet has become the right hand of every field. No field can flourish or introduce innovation in it until they do not take help from the internet. Everything has its pros and cons. Many people now-a-days use internet in excess to harm others. To stop this act, laws are formulated which are termed as Cyber law. As the name indicates, these laws put restriction on all such people that steal the work of others or confidential information for their own betterment. In many countries these laws are also called as internet laws or technological laws because these are related to the technology that has gone beyond the imagination of mankind.

Cyber laws were invented when many companies reported that their work was being stolen and their confidential information was being leaked. Through investigation it was found out that this internet laws and regulations was formed mainly due to two reasons. Firstly, the person who was close to the firm or the victim and knew all the important information regarding the company sold it to its rival on payment. So companies became more aware and started taking precautionary measures regarding it like putting a code on some information.

Secondly, software was introduced in the market that helped these hackers in hacking. One of them is called malicious software in which the initial page of the website looks exactly like the original website and it is not easily identifiable even. When the person used to enter their confidential information like user name and password in this fake website page, all the information went to the hacker and the account was easily hacked by them. Hence cyber laws are introduced which in majority relate to the banks and the companies as these are the major targets of hackers and the obvious reason behind it is money.

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