Recognizing Forms Of Trucking Company Negligence

Accidents involving large trucks, also known as 18-wheeler trucks, occur every day, and many people are inclined to blame the truck driver for these accidents. While some truck accidents do, indeed, occur because of truck driver negligence or recklessness, many accidents might actually be the result of a trucking company’s negligence. Like any employer, a trucking company manager has the responsibility to his or her employees to not be negligent in his or her duties.

While a person’s initial reaction might be to blame a truck driver for causing an accident, the blame might actually lie with the driver’s company. Depending on the accident, certain actions that a trucking company took or failed to take might be the actual cause of the accident, putting the trucking company at fault.

Forms to Recognize

There are several ways that a trucking company might be found negligent for causing an accident. These forms of negligence might include certain actions as the following:

1. Hiring unqualified employees
2. Violating hours of service regulations
3. Failing to maintain and keep safe vehicles operated by drivers
4. Failing to properly train employees

Each one of these acts could cause a trucking company to be found to blame for an accident, as they are blatant acts of negligence. Because these negligent acts put other drivers, in addition to the driver of the truck, in danger, personal injury law allows victims of such accidents to seek legal action against the trucking company and possibly obtain financial compensation from them. These laws help injured parties financially recover from the injuries they’ve sustained.

If you or someone that you love has been involved in an accident with a truck driver, you may actually be entitled to financial compensation to help you cover any costs of medical treatment or other expenses that you incur. You may be able to get in touch with a qualified personal injury lawyer to discuss your case.

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  1. Chris Mayo says:

    Anyone driving a truck needs to be alert at all times. Their vehicle can be very dangerous if not used correctly.

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