Scaffolding Collapses And Construction Accident Injuries

For many construction projects that require workers to make repairs or build while several stories off of the ground, scaffolding may be implemented to give these workers a safe platform to operate from. However, mistakes can be made when scaffolding is assembled or due to insufficient safety inspections before these structures are erected. If a construction worker is injured as a result of these scaffolding errors, which may cause the structure to collapse or fall apart, he or she may be entitled to pursue compensation for the injuries.

There are a number of avoidable scaffolding safety issues that should be addressed by a general contractor before a construction crew begins work. These issues can include problems with the connecting pieces that secure the platforms of scaffolding together. If these connecting pieces are excessively rusted or unsafe for use, a construction crew should be provided with the opportunity to replace these damaged or unsuitable pieces. If a general contractor fails to keep up with the maintenance of the scaffolding’s connectors, construction workers can be severely injured if they fall or are struck by pieces of the scaffolding falling on top of them.

In addition to connecting pieces, scaffolding platforms should be inspected. Considering that these platforms may have the most stress put directly on them by the workers and their tools, an employer must ensure that these sections of scaffolding are closely inspected and maintained if necessary. Any sort of breakage or failure can also lead to falls from the scaffolding or pieces of scaffolding striking workers below.

If you suffered injuries due to a scaffolding collapse, there may be legal options available to help you seek compensation from your employer or the property owner. A New York construction accident attorney can help you to better understand these options to pursue legal action.

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